Poet, Writer, Catalyst, Truth-Seeker, Visionary

I am here to help you walk the  journey from your Wounded Self to your Essential Self.  I call it the Truth Journey.

It’s a journey to a more authentic, self-aware and self-realized You.

So that you can live, love and lead from your Essence.

I write on the topics of self-discovery, as well as conscious business, relationships and parenting. I use those life areas as mirrors to look Truth and self-betrayal straight in the eyes.

I lead unique and innovative workshops that help you remember who you are.

I like to go deep.

I dream of a world where people are united in their commitment to be in service to the Truth of Life itself.

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authentic business sessions, lean on your strengths, discover your gifts, conscious business

Uniquely Gifted Business Sessions

Make your business an expression of your inner Truth.

Lean on your Strengths + Gifts. 

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workshop to clarify your gifts, authentic living, conscious business

 Truth Journey #1: Gifts + Strengths Odyssey

Your gifts + strengths are a unique flavor Life wants to flow through you with.

Gain clarity on who you are at your core + create a special art or a poem to use as a daily reminder + outline a strategy of building an aligned life.

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