Lana Kravtsova is a writer, poet, mother, lover and fire starter who considers honesty to be the best spiritual practice.

Born in Russia and raised in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, she currently lives with her three wild kids and one genius husband in the suburbs of North Georgia where she often feels like a complete misfit.

Her favorite words are move, fire and deep.

When she doesn’t chase her kids or string words into poems and essays, she leads self-discovery workshops where participants go deep into the core of their strengths, coming up with unique keywords to take home and align their lives with.

Small talk is one thing she’s given up some time ago and it improved the quality of her life dramatically.

She loves Rumi, Jungian psychology, chamomile tea and late night conversations with her husband about the nature of reality.

You can connect with her on Instagram or her Facebook writer’s page

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