Welcome to the Truth Journey!

Truth helps you put your unique flavor, your soul signature on everything you do

Truth is a commitment to listen to your heart among the noise of mechanical patterns you’ve accumulated over the years

Truth is a question – Who am I?

Asked daily as long as you are alive

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Lana Kravtsova, authentic leadership, authentic branding, conscious business, discover your gifts



authentic business sessions, lean on your strengths, discover your gifts, conscious business

Uniquely Gifted Business Sessions

Make your business an expression of your inner Truth.

Lean on your Strengths + Gifts. 

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workshop to clarify your gifts, authentic living, conscious business

 Truth Journey #1: Gifts + Strengths Odyssey

Your gifts + strengths is a unique flavor Life wants to flow through you with.

Gain clarity on who you are at your core + create a special art or a poem to use as a daily reminder to yourself + outline a strategy of building an aligned life.

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