It’s Time To Stop Hiding and Build a Bold Authentic Brand Based On Your Unique Message, Gifts and Vision.

More and more women around the world are awakening to their deep desire to use their gifts, story and message to change the world in their unique way.

Yet, the epidemic of shame that perpetuates our society is causing them to self-sabotage and dim their lights.

We crave fulfillment and deep satisfaction that comes from expressing who we through our work in the world but end up suppressing our true nature, not letting ourselves express our essence, our creativity, our deepest truths.

After years of betraying myself, people pleasing, playing small, I learned that the best way to fight the intensity of a fear we experience when we are called to step into our light is with the intensity of a Vision.

Intense Vision is when clarity, commitment and community create a force that will help you to finally get out of your own way and become an authentic, passionate leader you were meant to be.

Are you ready?

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Align your business with who you are called to become

Meet Lana

About Lana Kravtsova, feminine leadership coach, clarity coach

After years of hiding and dimming my light, I discovered that the way for a woman to allow herself to shine is to gain clarity on and commit to her Intense Vision – the work she is called to do based on her unique message, story and gifts. The work that would challenge her to not only be her authentic self but her next best version of authentic self. Read my story.

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Lana Kravtsova's blog, feminine leadership coach

Fueled by love and raw emotions. I write about our humanity, conscious feminine entrepreneurship, the future we are headed into, change, freedom and meaning. My mission is to help you stop the self-betrayal story and align your work in the world with who you are called to become. My purpose is to heal the planet and help us shift into a New Society through authentic bold feminine leadership. Click here.

Work, Co-Create, Envision Together.

Clarity Session with Lana Kravtsova, align your business with your soul, life purpose session, discover who you are called to become

You + Me + 3 hours

Your Intense Vision, your message, your core stories and your gifts. And commitment. Because nothing happens until you commit.

You leave with complete clarity on who, what and how.

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business coaching for conscious entrepreneurs., launch your business project in alignment with your soul, build a platform for your soul-fueled business

You + Me + 3 months

Ready to build and launch your soul-fueled project, business or initiative? Let me help.

I will ensure that every little detail is built in alignment with who you are.

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Intense Vision Circles, Lana Kravtsova, the road trip

Unleashing Women’s Essences and Deepest Truths

I am starting a fire of Intense Vision women’s circles and doing something unusual – taking my Intense Vision program on the road to gather women in coffee shops, help you gain clarity on your message, your gifts and your vision and start a movement of women boldly expressing who they are through their work in the world.  Wanna meetup?

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Intense Vision hangout, authentic branding, feminine leadership, spiritual entrepreneurship, conscious entrepreneurship

Intense Vision Group Hangout

Gain clarity on your message, gifts and Intense Vision in an intimate group online workshop. Gain access to my private Facebook group where we support each other, run weekly challenges and provide resources, helping you start boldly communicating your message to the world.

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My Mission

I am on a mission to help shift the consciousness of our planet through exploring and participating in the trends that will lead us to a New Society. Conscious feminine entrepreneurship is the movement I deeply resonate with, seeing all the healing potential it can bring to humanity.

If you are a conscious woman on a mission to use your gifts to serve and heal this planet, let’s connect:

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