Just Follow Her Breath

Lana Kravtsova's poetry, embrace your unique gifts

Who do you think you are to block the flow? Of Life running through your blood, your gifts, and your …



poem, tenderness, spoken word about love, conscious relationships, conscious entrepreneurship, self-discovery

She often comes when you are already asleep, Or at work, Or in some other way not immediately available.   …

The First Promise

the first promise

And darkness came and separated you. The you who is reading these words and the other you – the one …


The Birth of Truth

the birth of truth, how to find your essence, your essential gifts, truth poem

So I have this theory on how Truth is birthed through me to create art, move, heal, inspire, change… It …

The Fight Between Two Stories

the fight between two stories - the old you and the new you, how to let go of the old you, truth journey, truth questions

I’ve been doing lots of reflecting in the past few weeks. I was also sick quite a bit in the …