Just Follow Her Breath

Lana Kravtsova's poetry, embrace your unique gifts

Who do you think you are to block the flow?

Of Life running through your blood, your gifts, and your desires?

Who do you think you are to stop her from entering your cells and coming out through your voice, your hands, your art?

Who do you think you are to doubt, feel ashamed, not enough, not worthy?

To judge and criticize your urgings through which she tells you what to do?

Who do you think you are to shut the blinds on your heart and lock the doors that inspiration enters through?

And when it still seeps through the cracks, who do you think you are to run away, to disconnect, to bully?

Who do you think you are to feel afraid? Rejection, failure, ridicule – who cares when Life is calling?

You are an instrument She wants to play.

She chose you.

It’s not your job to judge whether you are good enough, skinny enough, profound or shallow enough, whether you’ve done enough inner work or perfected your every move.

The flute doesn’t jump out of musician’s hands screaming – I am not ready,

She simply follows the flow of his breath.

When Life knocks and asks you to deliver her gift in a way that only you can deliver it – you bow and obey.

They say we lack self-confidence, maturity, awareness,

That we need courage to embrace our uniqueness and express our gifts

I think what we need the most is humility

Flute cannot and should not question the master

Just follow Her breath


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