You Are Not A Snapshot In Time

why you don't need a big vision

I recently reinvented my brand once again. New insights and a new way of doing things in my business as a result.

I used to be ashamed  of the fact that I can’t just pick one project and stick with it for a long time.

I’ve started so many projects in my short entrepreneurial career. In the past I would hide for a few months or years in between each reinvention because I felt like a fraud.

At the same time, so many projects didn’t get launched because I doubted I would stick with them or because by the time I was prepared to launch them, they were not as relevant anymore.

These days each reinvention takes weeks, not months. And I feel proud of myself for the work do. It is a huge progress for me.

If you are one of the entrepreneurs, and I met quite a few on my journey, who struggles with sticking to one project, one vision, one way of running a business, this is my permission for you to stop struggling and embrace your creative, innovative nature.

You are not a snapshot in time.

You are in the process of co-creation with Life. You never know what’s behind the corner and what future wants to be born through you.

The process I follow now when I start my projects is this:

Listen to what wants to emerge through me – Act as fast as possible – Get feedback – Adjust my course – Listen again – Act again.

It’s an illusion to think that you can think your way to your life purpose, your ultimate vision or your true self.

No! You have to engage with life in the process of co-creation. And that’s exactly what that process looks like – Listen – Act – Feedback – Listen  – Act.

It’s a constant in and out flow.

If you spend too much time “in”, you’ll become delusional, swimming in the sea of your thoughts and feelings, disconnected from reality. If you spend too much time “out” without ever listening to yourself, you’ll become disconnected from your essence and so what what you create won’t have your unique touch.

In – Out, In – Out.

That’s why I came up with a term project-based entrepreneurship.

The way it works is:

  1. You listen and birth your vision.
  2. Then break that vision down into small projects, as small as possible for you to take action on in an instant.
  3. Launch your first project and get feedback from the world
  4. Listen again and see if your vision changed.
  5. Based on that, start taking action on the next project.

That’s how you co-create with life.

The key here is to be fast. If you never launch your projects (and that’s what will happen if you wait too long), you are not contributing, you are not co-creating and, let’s be practical, you don’t have a business.

Project-based entrepreneurship allows you to turn your life into a series of creative experiments and it allows you stop being stuck in a indecision paralysis.

Some might wonder, why to even have a vision to begin with if it’s going to change along the way anyway?

I wholeheartedly believe that you do need a vision.

It helps you connect with your higher self. It takes you out of autopilot and into the present moment, sensing deeply into the future that wants to emerge through you, solving the actual problems you see in your community.

In-Out, In-Out.


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