rise, live your truth, honor your essence, find the core of who you are

You never had role models that showed you how to honor your truth.

You’ve been taught to fit in. Suppress. Betray your essence.



Wanting to play bigger, louder, bolder, yet feeling small and awkward and confused.


But you are awake now

And, no, you can’t go back to sleep.


Maybe it’s time to become your own role model.

Maybe it’s time to learn some serious self-parenting skills.

Maybe it’s time to look around and finally see and believe

That living your truth is encouraged and rewarded.

Really, it’s the only way to Live. Life.


For the first time in a long time in human history we have an opportunity and freedom to truly be who we were born to be.

To offer ourselves as channels to truth and transformation.


It’s scary to be the first

(See above about role models)






Choose the courage.

Create a safe space for your essence to come out and play, spread her wings, learn how to fly.


Choose to commit to taking one step.

One small step.

No, you can’t jump yet.


And then the next and the next.


Claim your authentic voice.


Listen intently to your truth and then let it out.

One step at a time.

One word at a time.

One post, one tweet, one project, one image, one video

Each coming from the depth of your soul


Hit publish, hit send, hit whatever you need to hit.


Listen again.


Until one day you wake up and see a beautiful life you’ve built where your essence is welcomed and free.


Please rise.

That day is coming.


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