The Birth of Truth

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So I have this theory on how Truth is birthed through me to create art, move, heal, inspire, change…

It enters through the crown of my head from the Source, Life, God – whatever name you like

And then it blends with my Unique Self, My Essence – my gifts and strengths, my special flavor, my unique filter and one of a kind vibe

That’s when I am ready to birth this sacred mixture into the world through my fingers typing or my mouth speaking, the pictures I take, the food I make, the way I love and the way I grieve

The truth, the spark of Life mixed with my special flavor, given the form and shape of my choosing, enters the world and sends a ripple

Of Love, of Life, of Joy and Transformation

And Life looks from above, happy and satisfied

I am doing a good job

Except… sometimes…many times… I don’t

There are many days when Truth enters me – the spark of Life, the creative yearning of the Universe, but instead of blending with my Essence, it’s forced to blend with all the layers that I’ve accumulated over my Self

My limiting beliefs and masks I wear, what my mom told me a long time ago and what I think my readers want to hear, the fear that who I am is not good enough and another fear that who I am is better than everyone around

So the Truth, the spark of Life, that yearns to blend with my unique expression, instead blends with my diluted Self

It flows through all the foreign stuff, jumps out into the world

And falls flat on the ground

Lifeless, sad and hardly breathing

And people come and look

Oh – they say. It look great. It sounds deep. I’ve never heard anything more profound.

Yet, no one is moved or healed. No one is awakened

They walk away and soon forget

But I remember

Deep down I always know when I betrayed myself

Mostly importantly, I betrayed her – Life, who entered me trusting that I will continue passing her along

I say – Next time.

Next time I’ll stay alert. And vigilant

Next time I’ll help you navigate through all the lies that I’ve accumulated over the years and not blend with them

I’ll catch any flavor that is not mine and make sure it is not added to the final mixture

It’s a dance between you and me

Just the two of us

Next time.

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