The First Promise

the first promise

And darkness came and separated you.

The you who is reading these words and the other you – the one who knows everything.

As you were pushed deeper and deeper into the night, you screamed – I will find you,

I will do whatever it takes.

The other you smiled and nodded but said nothing, just stretched her hand as if confirming – I will be here. Don’t worry, I’ll be waiting.

The darkness settled.

Heavy, black, lonely.

You couldn’t see anything anymore, but kept yelling – I will find my way back. I promise I will… I promise.

That was the first promise you made. The sacred promise your soul remembered.

That was the beginning of your journey. Back home. Back to yourself.

And then you woke up. In human body. With other human bodies around you, rushing, running after their goals, trying to fulfill their needs and desires.

And you forgot who you were.

You forgot your promise.

Since then you’ve been living the way you thought was appropriate

Just like other human bodies you yearned for love and worked hard for money, security, fame and attention.

Sometimes you suffered from anxiety. Sometimes you jumped from excitement.

Yet a subtle feeling had always been there, riding along, nudging, prodding.

You didn’t want to listen. You were scared and, frankly, had no time.

But the feeling was getting bigger, taller and louder.

So one day you stopped and finally heard:

This is a dream.

This is not real.

There is something that you forgot – Your First Promise.

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