Dear Humanity, Please Wake Up!

what you can do to help refugees

I am reading this article about refugees in Lesbos and what is happening there, tears streaming down my face.

There are thousands of children here and their feet are literally rotting, they can’t keep dry, they have high fevers and they’re standing in the pouring rain for days on end.LLiana Bird

I can’t get over the fact of how helpless and how insignificant I am and that I have no fucking idea how to help.

We need to do something now. This is not their problem anymore! This is our problem!

I am sick and tired of turning away in my helplessness, hoping that someone is going to fix this. I can’t just send another $30 to a donation page and go about my day, planning what my kids are going to wear for Halloween. I can’t. I need to believe that I can do more. I need to at least do my best to do more.

I know many of you feel the same. The helplessness. The insignificance of our efforts. How small we are as individuals and how little we can do. But maybe, just maybe if we don’t dwell on our smallness and insignificance, some ideas will find their way into our consciousness. The idea I have right now is to write to all individuals I know who have significant amount of people following them and ask them to share this article. Ask them to rally their tribes to donate.

What else can we do? What organizations can we contact and ask to send help?

Let’s brainstorm. Let’s find some solutions.

Tomorrow will be a disaster, there are no dry clothes for anyone, no shelter, there are children sleeping in bin bags, no food, no blankets, no diapers for babies. … people will sleep in the wet and cold tonight in the open air, half the people will wake up sick, some will die, I’m sure of it. Volunteer Merel Graeve

The least you can do right now is post in groups you participate in, send an email to friends and family, share on your personal page. Yes, we have this power at our fingertips – an ability to contact our networks and ask to share, donate, come up with their own ideas. This seems small, so small, but it is so much better than doing nothing.

I want to contact the volunteers asking what we can do to help but I know they are overwhelmed with the amount of messages they get and they need to be there, on the ground, helping.

We can’t rely on government or big organizations anymore. It’s up to us, the people. No one is coming to save us. I feel sad and desperate, and at the same time am so amazed at what is happening. I know this is shifting our consciousness. I know this is helping us grow as human family… yet at what cost!

What you can do now:

Please share this article and their donation page.

Your wall, the groups you are in, your email list. This is not about you. Who cares what anyone thinks. What matters is what you will think about yourself if you don’t do your best. You are not small. You have the power. Let’s do this.

I just put my baby for a nap and I can’t stop thinking that another mother in that camp is putting her baby to sleep knowing he won’t wake up in the morning.

I love you. Please share. Humanity, please fucking wake up.


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