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Uniquely Gifted Business Sessions

What do you really sell? (Hint: it’s not your product or service)

How are you called to serve? (Hint: in your unique style)

What is your natural, authentic and, as a result, most transformational way to connect to your customers’ (readers, listeners, fans, team members, partners, etc) minds + hearts?

Your Strengths + Your Gifts

In a society where nurturing the connection to our essential selves is not the norm, we automatically and unconsciously look outside of ourselves when planning the way we want to run our businesses and live our lives.

We look at what works for others, what our potential customers need, what famous guru recommends, what our parents and teachers have been telling us, etc.

We start with an outward focus.

As a result, even if we succeed, we feel drained and uninspired and, often, unconsciously ashamed of ourselves for a lack of commitment to our inner truth.

Some are better at pushing against their souls than others, yet for all of us it feels fundamentally unsatisfying.

Our souls yearn for integrity. Our souls want a match between our inner truth and our outer actions.

What we really want is to create a business fully aligned with the core of who we are – our strengths and gifts.

That’s when we tap into our source of clarity, inspiration and never-ending creativity.

Commitment to aligning your life around your strengths+gifts is the foundation needed to get started on the Truth Journey.

It’s the first answer to the most important question we can ask ourselves – Who am I?

It requires courage because you’ll need to face your fundamental fear that who you are is not good enough (not worthy, not lovable, not adequate, etc).

Unfortunately, most people prefer to never face that fear and live their lives under a mask.

Gaining clarity on your strengths + gifts and intentionally building a business around them requires you take off the mask.

Are you ready?

Your strengths are what you really sell.

It’s how you connect to your customers’ minds and inspire them on the level of intellect.

You might be selling a website design, but what you are really selling is deep insight or creative solutions or big picture and vision.

We will come up with 3-5 unique keywords for your strengths during our session.

Your gifts are how you sell.

It’s how you connect to your own heart and your customers’ hearts. It’s what creates an emotional response.

It’s your unique and authentic style of bringing your strengths out into the world.

You might be selling a website design but what you are really selling is creativity and vision in a bold or poetic or natural or intense or gentle way.

We will come up with 2-4 keywords that describe your unique gifts during our session.

Your strengths + your gifts is your unique flavor of Life expression. It’s the way Life wants to flow through you and out into the world.

Knowing one without the other is useful, yet gives you an incomplete picture.

Aligning both creates deep clarity and feels incredibly satisfying.

Imagine how you would write your next blog post or Facebook update or About page if one of your strengths was deep insight? What about poetic deep insight? Or daring deep insight? Or mysterious deep insight?

Imagine also that this particular way of writing your blog post or status update would feel incredibly satisfying, helping you tap into your creative genius (leaning on your strengths+gifts always makes you more creative because Life wants you to be who you are)?

Do you think you would create better work and feel deeply connected to your inner wisdom?

Imagine capitalizing on what brings you joy, freeing up an immense amount of energy that’s been used before to suppress your unique self-expression.

This is how you build your business consciously, intentionally and authentically.

Am I right for you?

My approach is unique, deep and innovative.

I don’t just scratch the surface with a few questions on a worksheet to help you remember who you are.

I have a variety of tools in my toolbox that I’ve been collecting over the years.

We will work with symbols and metaphors, your psyche’s preferred modes of communication. We will meditate, visualize and do unique exercises that will help you see clearly your strengths and gifts your essence yearns to bring into the world.

I am a deep diver into human psyche. That’s where I feel the most comfortable and alive.

I have a natural ability to feel into who you are and translate it into words.

We will find unique keywords for your strengths+gifts that have a special meaning just for you. No cookie-cutter word combinations here.

Not only that, through various exercises I will help you experience what those words feel like in your body.  

This embodied awareness helps you integrate and embed your strengths + gifts into all areas of your life, not only your business.

Unlike some personality tests that could be very useful, yet still leave you confused and unsure what to do next with your results, I offer a big picture + deep view into what it actually means to express who you are fully in your particular business.

We will make it practical.

We will look at your products/services, your messaging, your content strategy, your marketing, the big picture and the small details of your brand and align them with your strengths + gifts.

You will leave knowing exactly what you sell (your strengths), how your soul wants you to sell (through your gifts) and what that would practically look like for your business.

During our session you might decide to change your business model, discontinue your offers, re-write your About page or start a completely different business all together.

This is the time to stop settling for a watered down expression of who you are.

We will courageously design a business that is a vehicle to bring your unique Essence out into the world.

Will this work for me if I am just starting my business? 

Yes. If you are just starting out, this will allow you to create a brand, business model, marketing strategy and offers fully aligned with who you are right away. I can’t think of a better way to start your adventure into the world of entrepreneurship.

In fact, you don’t need to own a business to benefit immensely from what we uncover. Your business is only one of many practical applications of bringing your unique Essence out into the world.

Anyone who desires to live authentically, consciously and intentionally will find the clarity and awareness generated from this session wildly inspiring and practically useful for all areas of their lives.

When we say Yes to who we are, to our inner truth, we say Yes to Life. 

We tap into hidden resources, energy and creativity we didn’t know existed in us before. And that affects everything – our relationships, our work, our well-being, our spiritual and personal growth.

How it works:
  • Two 2-hour sessions or one 4-hour intensive, depending on your schedule and personal needs/preferences.
  • $500. Payment plans available.
  • Included with your session is Gifts + Strengths Odyssey comprehensive workbook that I will need you to fill out before our first meeting.
  • After the session you get a recording of our conversation(s) + personalized book/article/resource recommendations for further growth and development.
Here is how to get started:
  • Fill out the form below.
  • I will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule our session, answer any questions you might have and send an invoice.

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